Registry Must Have: Buttermilk Babies



One of these days I’ll put together my complete registry must-haves list so someone else can benefit from my OCD behavior of researching and planning but in the mean time I’m going to share a few of my favorite items Maximara couldn’t live without.

Truth be told I read all of these books before Maximara was born that talked in depth about the “4th trimester” and how at some point we went from carrying the baby for a year to 9 months. Knowing this information, and that Maxi was a couple weeks early, I tried to make her early days as “womb-like” as possible. I mean we are talking I googled can swaddling stunt your baby’s growth, womb-like. I had that baby swaddled up like a little nugget legit 23 hours a day, at least for the first couple weeks up until her due date. Then I began to worry her legs wouldn’t grow so I slowly transitioned from obsessively swaddling to only at night time, which she loved. Fast forward to present day, Maxi is just about 18 months and her swaddles have become her blankies. They go every where with her. Whether its wrapped around her like a cape, draped over her head like a ghost or she is laying down on the street to take a quick break, she literally lives for her blankies.

We were introduced to the brand Buttermilk Babies and haven’t turned back since. They are the perfect size for newborn swaddling (great for tucking in those ends) and are ridiculously soft. Ridiculously. If you are anything like me I only wanted to wrap my babe in something smooth to the touch so she would be extra comfortable. They can’t, after all, tell us if the blanket is irritating them. Whether you are in the market for newborn swaddles or blankets for your toddler, do yourself a favor and check out this brand. I seriously love them so much.


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