Open For Debate


While I feel like everything I write on here causes some sort of controversy (so many opinions/ right and wrongs in parenting) I am actually writing today, ok tonight, to purposefully start a discussion.

I read an article about Blake Lively this week that discussed how she doesn’t quite understand the “humble brag” or showcasing with obvious excitement your a-week-after-birth hot bod. Like showing all of social media you popped out a baby and have a six pack the next day kind of humble brag. While I didn’t quite have a six pack (still don’t, sadly) I absolutely posted pictures of my post baby bod. I was fucking proud of the work I put in while I was pregnant. It was like a part-time job nourishing my body with only the best foods and getting my fitness on on the regular. There was a period of time I was doing 300 squats a day – I wanted to keep my ass tight and right but I also did it to get that baby out faster during labor (side note, it WORKS!). While I was posting those post-baby bod images my intentions were never (still aren’t) to make others feel bad about themselves if they didn’t bounce back as quickly. I was posting  to 1) remind myself what I had been through and how I came out of it and 2) provide inspiration to others. I think for people that enjoy fitness would appreciate that. I know I  personally like seeing super fit betches on Instagram. It always pushes me to work harder at the gym the next day.

On a somewhat related note I saw a feed on facebook this week about breastfeeding. One mom posted in a facebook mama group that she didn’t appreciate other moms bragging about how long they had breastfed for (like go me! I breastfed 13 months) because it made her feel bad about herself for only breastfeeding a few months – not by choice, her milk dried up.

So are we now living in a society that we can’t post our accomplishments for fear of upsetting someone for not achieving the same accomplishment? Has this always been an issue but now that social media is so popular it has made it harder for individuals? I don’t really know what the right answer is here but I thought it was interesting it came up twice in a fairly short amount of time – both times related to motherhood. What are your thoughts?



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