Cold Relief


I picked up a cold bug somewhere over the weekend, damn it, and by Thursday it had totally knocked me on my ass.  You know how it goes, achey, exhausted, sore throat – the. worst. And it’s even worse when you have a tot running around you have to take care of. Like haven’t you learned to cook for yourself yet? What’s the hold up? Go get dressed. Do you so I can do me. I wrote yesterday on Instagram “you don’t know strength until you are sick and have a tot to look after” – but seriously though, the struggle was real. I was on a green tea, fresh ginger, lemon and manuka honey diet all day. I got several suggestions from my social media fam to use essential oils and oil of oregano. I ordered up what I needed to on Amazon prime and resorted to the internet in search of any other homeopathic remedies for the common cold, hoping to use products I already had in my house. I stumbled upon a detox bath that literally saved my life. As soon as Maxi went down for her afternoon nap I prepped my bath and was praying for the best. You guys. I seriously came out of the bath feeling like a new woman. The aches were gone. I had energy. I actually made dinner from scratch and did a quick workout. I’m all about natural relief, but never have I ever had something work that quick for me. I will, forever, be resorting to this bath the next time I am feeling down. In addition, of course, to my teas and oil of oregano. The recipe for the detox bath is above. Use water hot enough you can stand to be in for at least 20 minutes (detoxing time), anything after that the minerals will be absorbed in your body. Shoot for 40 minutes minimum. And it may make you sweat, but that’s what you want. Get all of those nasty toxins out, girlfriends. If you have anything else I should try, or share with our squad to use, let me know.


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