Girls Weekend



This past weekend my husband was out of town at a wedding in Florida. Maximara and I hung back and had a weekend to ourselves. I was literally so excited for this weekend I couldn’t sleep the night before our 2-day date started. It was like Christmas morning for me. Why so excited when I am with this mini-monster 24/7 already? During the day, while I am a mother, it is also a work day for me. I run this blog, our business Casual Friday and maintain the house. That’s all on top of making sure my boo thang doesn’t kill herself falling off of the sofa, is fed nutritious meals and gets dressed for the day. While this is in no part a way for me to say, “I’m soooooo busy” (I loathe when people do that), it’s just that there is a lot going on at all times when I am with Miss. Maxi and at times I hate that. I truly want to spend every waking minute with this one. I don’t want to miss a moment, truly. So when I had the opportunity to unplug from everything, and that includes cleaning up after my husband (ha), I was like jumping out of my skin I was so excited.

My goal was to pack as much in while she was awake that I could. This kid sleeps a lot, like a lot, so getting out of the door to do anything in between naps can be a struggle. I made sure the second she was up we were literally gone. I texted my girlfriend (sans kids) early one morning that Maxi and I were cruising the carousel at the zoo. Her response? Ew, why so early. The life of a 30 something sans kids – she’ll understand one day, right? We went on lunch dates, played at the park, visited our favorite flamingos, went on train rides – anything and everything I could jam in the couple days of girl time I did. While she will never remember this weekend, I always will.

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