Chicago Moms: Try Them All


A new app has launched and it is a game changer for parents in Chicago. Seriously. Now that Maximara is uber-social and obsessed with kids I am trying to take her to as many classes as possible. As you know, I’m sure from experience, it’s like college tuition enrolling them in various classes. Ok, somewhat of an exageration but still freaking expensive. Enter Pearachute. A new app that lets you try a variety of classes for a monthly fee. There are two options $79 for 5 classes or $99 for unlimited (for one child). To me the $99 option was a no brainer. We have been taking 4 classes/week and love it. While they are just getting started and I think on a waitlist, I highly suggest signing up. A few of the participating business are Pump It UpGoldfish Swim SchoolEasel Art Studio, and Windy City Fieldhouse. I am all about easy and efficient. This is changing my life as a city mama.

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