Surviving Sleep Training


Or sane training as I called it. To do it or to not is the million dollar question. I feel like as a new mother (or soon to be mother) that’s literally all people were asking me. My motto was and still is what ever keeps me sane I will do. I didn’t know, at the time, what was ahead of me as far as sleeping (or lack there of) was going to be like but I did know that I didn’t want to be getting up multiple times a night for the next 12+ months of my life. Thankfully when Maxi was around 6 weeks I came across a book called 12 Hours by 12 Weeks and I was totally sold on the whole sleep training deal. I felt like I had just hit the jackpot. I was determined to make it work and not lose my shit while doing so. While we didn’t quite master 12 hours by 12 weeks, we did learn some great tips and got us pretty damn close. Since we have read this book (and acted on it) I’ve had a couple people question why I was doing it. Their argument was they are SAHMs and can afford, if you will, to be tired throughout the day compared to a “working” mom who clearly can’t be tired.  I thought that was kind of bullshit, to be honest, and by kind of I mean totally. I don’t care what the hell you are doing during the day, no one wants to be tired all of the time. You can only function properly so long on lack of sleep….at least sanely.

If you want to try sleep training I highly suggest reading this book, it’s a super fast read and will literally change your life. Some additional tips:

  1. Noise machine, for you. I really can’t stand hearing my baby cry. It breaks my heart. I know you moms feel me. To assist with this I would put on a noise machine in our room for a designated time (say 10 -20 minutes) to drown out her cries. When the time was up if she was still crying I’d pay her a visit, if not I’d be back to sleep. Before you go judging (remember A. this is a judgement free zone and B. our little one sleeps 12 – 14 hours a night. Don’t knock it till you try it).
  2. Full belly. If you are trying to wean your baby off of bottles the time to start watering them down is not right before bed. Make sure those bellies are full, full full!
  3. It does NOT hurt them. Sleep training does not mean leaving your baby in their crib crying for 8 hours, they won’t be hurt in the process. If you are only comfortable letting them cry for 10 minutes before you go in, then work off of those 10 minutes. I promise you your baby will come out OK on the other end of this sleep training deal.

Good luck.


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