Must Haves


When I found out I was pregnant I refused to turn our house in to the next colorful zoo that is Toys ‘R’ Us. Our house is fairly well decorated (humble brag) and I didn’t want to let that part of me die. A bit dramatic? Maybe. But I just can’t (literally) with all of that brightly colored baby crap. This Christmas some of it made it’s way in to our home, sigh, but I do my damnedest to keep things chic over here at Hotel Zielbauer, as we call it.

BabyBjorn High Chair Our kitchen, living room and dining room is actually just one large space. Again, because I’d like to maintain our house looking fly AF, I didn’t want an atrocious high chair making it’s way in to the space. This chic high chair is pretty much everything. Clean lines, chic, neutral colors – a win in my book and a must have.

Happy Mat Maximara started self feeding recently which meant it was time to shop for some new baby gear. I love the muted color of this mat and that I can create faces with her food which she may not appreciate now, but one day she will and I can’t wait.

Hot Mama Mug We all know you are hot and you love coffee. Need I say more?

ABC Plate + Silverware If you have plates and silverware for your little one they are probably pink, purple, green or blue (not judging, just saying). I about died when I found this super chic white + black set.  A little pricey but worth it.

Alexander Wang Marti Backpack  I decided when I was pregnant that I would only carry one bag for Maxi and I. I was determined when she was born to always be on the go and didn’t want to have to worry about schlepping multiple bags along the way. When I came across this backpack it was love at first sight. It has ample storage, 3 different ways it can be worn and zips up in the back to make it larger or smaller. I loved that I could hang it on the stroller, over my shoulder or as a backpack so my hands were free for her. I had many people question if it would work and 1o months in I haven’t looked back once, you won’t either ; )

Moccasin Booties Everyone always thinks it is so much easier dressing a little girl than it is a little boy. This may be true for some but I am not in to the leopard print, cheesy slogans and ruffles on ruffles on ruffles. I prefer to dress her like I would myself, you know in leather leggings and faux fur vests. These little booties are her go to right now. We have them in every color and can’t wait to wear them in the summer with a little romper <insert squeal>.

KAHRI Little Audrey Doll We actually got baby Karl as a gift for Christmas this year and I about died. These are a must have for all of my mini-fashionistas out there.

Schylling Silver Racecar  Now that Maximara is moving and grooving it was time for us to get her some new age appropriate toys. New toys, of course, that I can incorporate in to the design of our home. This car doubles as a decorative piece when she isn’t using it…and you can bet your ass I used that as justification when my husband questioned me on if we ‘needed’ it or not. Duh.

Organic Landscape Floor Bin If you haven’t figured it out by now, there is a common theme here: concealing baby stuff to make it look like adult stuff. This bin does just that. When her toys aren’t in use they live in here and it lives in our living room. You need something to store all those toys, might as well make it chic.




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