Recipe – Carrot Ginger Muffins


A few years ago I went all crazy and decided I will no longer eat processed food, or anything out of a box, really. I have turned in to such a snot about it I repeatedly turn down offers for people to bring food to our house and am annoyingly cautious when eating at other people’s homes. They think it’s because I enjoy cooking and hosting, really I don’t want to eat garbage food – sorry friends! I did enough damage in my youth smoking colored cigarettes (thankfully that was a short phase…but the smokes were gorgeous), fake baking and eating boxes of twinkies, it was (is) time for a change. And now that I have a mini human I may be even more crazy about it. Unless it is completely necessary I will not serve her food out of a package. I am trying to prepare meals/snacks that are wholesome and nutritious. Do I judge you for serving those puff treats? Absolutely not. Keep doing you and I’ll do me. But if you want to serve up a healthy little snack the entire family can enjoy that isn’t out of a box or bag, these carrot ginger muffins are pretty delish. Go ahead and give em’ a try, let me know your thoughts.



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